Need 12 Lakhs after 9-10 years?

Can you please advice me, how and where to invest to get more that 12 lakhs after 9-10 years.
1. Jeevan Saral
2. LIC Table-14
3. Mutual Fund ( if so , then which product and which company + high gain & medium risk)
4. ULIP (Which company)
I can invest monthly 2000 upto 10 years

where i can access live 5 minutes, 30 minutes, intraday, short, medium and long term analysis charts for Nifty?

I want to learn trading in Nifty index futures and options. Currently i cannot affort to purchase my own analysis software and tick by tick data feed. However, i would like to know if there are websites which provide free access to live charts as well as 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, intraday, short term, medium term, and long term charts of nifty futures and also oscillators / indicators. Basically i am interested in learnijng.