what is the effective means for saving money? (Indian context)?

Money saved in mutual fund is worthier to that saved in Post office saving. can u suggest means to save money on a dependable way
I have to save the money which I may get shortly ( arrear re-imbursement).. I wish it to be saved safe but in a most benefitting manner. Thats why I sought help from you people I dint mean anything said in your answers. Please be serious and give me yor valuable suggestions. expect u my frends help

What is LIC’s Retire & Enjoy Policy Means?

I want to Know about the LIC’s Retire & Enjoy policy details and i came to know it is a combination of 21 policies. If i wish to take this policy would i be taking this policy as 1 policy or it would come as 21 policies to me. Please explain to me. my age is 32 and my yearly contribution 50000K