which is the right policy for me….? plz help…!?

have marks on my thighs for a plastic surgery…(surgery in which pigmented skin was used).
so i have to hide these marks to have a good future…!
n i have to undergo a cosmetic surgery.. within coming 5-6 months.
n i came to know a policy by ICICI prudential….policy named as HOSPITALCARE/HOSPICARE.
the person who advised me this policy says that this policy will cover for me for any surgery.n i can claim for the money even within the 10 months of taking the policy.

is the person true or a fraud….?

is there any policy which could cover me for a cosmetic /plastic surgery , where i can claim for money within 1 year of taking the policy?

n what should i take care while taking such insurance policies…?

plzzz help……