A.Income 1200000, what would be the Income tax and please suggest how much the person can save @ max.?

Components of salary Eligibility Declaration
(Declarations should be made for the entire year) Rs. Rs.

Basic 480,000 480,000
House Rent Allowance 192,000 192,000
Employer Contribution to Provident Fund 57,600 57,600
Medical Allowance 15,000 15,000
Leave Travel Allowance 40,000 40,000
Food coupons 13,200 13,200
Transport Allowance
Personal pay (residual) 402,200 402,200
Gross Salary 1,200,000 1,200,000
My Bad i forgot to add these information. I am salaried, male, Indian Rupees, not a senior citizen, citi is delhi, for financial year 2008-2009…please let me know if anything is missing

Information about NSC and EPF in India?

What is national savings certificate scheme. Different websites write differently and Post office site says something different.
Say If I have Rs 10000 to invest every year (I think max is unlimited), then when is interest payout, when does it mature ?

second, I have EPF account with Government in Bangalore. My balance details are not updated over internet. I had initiated transfer a year ago and did not receive any status. I did not receive any response on emails or anything on phone. Please help. how do I know my PF balance.. what is the procedure?
I can’t visit the PF office as it is in different city. Plase suggest if something can be done.

How Tax System works for a freelance professional in india?

I would like to know whether a freelance programmer who works for overseas client and receives money from them, needs to pay any tax? If so how it is done ? Is there any legal formality like registration before receiving the money? Please clarify me on this . Thanks in advance

Public Provident Fund ppf query?

In Public Provident Fund(ppf) if i start off with a deposit ?
In Public Provident Fund if i start off with a deposit of rs.1000 can i increase it to rs.2000 and so on till 75000 the max is what i heard every year?or is it fixed to a specific amount say 1000 if i start of with , every year ?
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Hi which bank give best intrest on FD?

I want to put over 2 lacks rupees in fixed deposit for 1 year which would be a safe bank which gives best returns after an year..
I think PSU banks are safe .. does punjab national bank has max intrest ?? if not then which one is better…

How I will get land purchase loan?

I am a central govt employee in tamilnadu.my salary is around Rs. 20,000.property costs 15 lakhs. Whats the max. Amnt of loan I can avail.how much interest? Which bank provide loan with min interest and less procedure?