How hard is it to get a job at the World Bank or IMF?

im a finance masters from the US and want to get into the public sector in development banking or projects. i realize that these 2 employers are the best for the kind of exp im looking for. however im also aware that they’re tough to get into, but just wondering how to start and what kind of competition i mite be facing. any info on how to get a foot in the door is appreciated, even an internship is fine at this pt. a chance is all i need…esp during these times.

best education loan for masters in Australia?

I want to study my masters in Australia.i want to take education loan but a loan that requires no security.i mean i have no one to give me colateral security nor i have some property to show as a proof for my loan.i would like to have a loan for just my 1 sem fee.i.e upto 4L.can any one suggest a good bank that would help me in this regard.