I have to write a letter to bank manager?

Actually i have a property that is on rent to bank, but now the lease agreement is going to expire. But i am not satisfied with the rent i am getting, because the rent is too low according the rate of property, the current rent is 25000 INR. But i am expecting minimum 35000 now. Pls help me in writing a impressive letter.

How to get Facilities Manager / Property Manager Jobs in Singapore?

Hi my name is Prakash (30 years old – Indian). Right now i am working in Kuwait as Facilities Manager. I am living here with my family. I am a DEEE holder and i am having very good experience (9 Years) in Total Facilities / Property Management. I am planning to move and settle in singapore.

Can you please guide me how i can get job in singapore? i tried online job search. But no positive outcome.

Please help me.

Awaiting for your replies.

I have 5+ years working as an insurance producer/office manager. Any ideas on possible jobs utilizing my exp?

Started working in insurance in Feb. 2003. I manage an agency with 2 CSRs. I am also responsible for commercial and personal lines sales. I will complete my CIC this year. The business I work for is a family business in a small town. I am looking to move to a more urban area. Any ideas on possible positions that would utilize my existing experience?
I have a bsba in Finance and Banking also.