Can any one tell me how to calculate ULIP charges after Ist Jan 2010, as far as I know IRDA has put a cap on the charges i.e. 3% charges for 10 year plans and 2.25 charges for 15 year plan. How to calculate these charges? These 3% charges means Allocation Charges, Fund Management Charges, Policy Administration Charges and Miscellaneous Charges. These charges will not include Mortality charges, Service Tax and Guarantee charge (if any). Plz tell me am I right?

Why insurance companies charge fund management fees from ULIP holders?

In the recent economic crisis, a huge number of Unit Linked Insurance policy holders suffered heavy losses. Insurance companies deduct 2.25% on a regular basis as fund management charges. Had "fund managers" switch the money from equity to debt fund on time, ULIP holders would not have suffered such heavy losses. Is there any justification in insurance companies charging fund management fee when they cannot do the job properly?