how can i be relieved of bank loan ,without loss of property purchased in my wifes name in divorced case?

Question Details: I purchased a house from LDA in my wifes name in 2002 worth 7 laks, i took 4 laks loan from icici bank ,where my wife is a co applicant .present cost of the house is more than 30 laks ,the all dues of housing development is paid only the registration of the house is not done. i paid the EMIs till june 2006 to the bank through my salary cheq , my wife left me two years ago and i am living with my daughter of 8 years old .i have till date not filed any case in the court ,only application to the local police station ,and the sp is given.
On visiting the government developments authority ,they say that the registry will be done in both the names i.e. in husband wifes names ,i have come to know that she is trying to bribe the officials heavily to get the property registered in her name,she was a non working women.
1. can i get my property back.
2.can she get the property registered in her name and sell. to get rid of bank loan in divorce state.
4.what should

In income tax rules, what is the “loss on let out property”? ?

According to Indian income tax rules, what is called as loss on let out property. Is there any basis for declaring it and claiming the same.
Thanks VKB. Just trying to add more clarity to my question.

Assuming, the individual pays some amount for maintaining the house (for general maintaince, repairs, power, water, coloring etc), is that amount is treated as loss on let out property.

If the property is not letout for some time but the maintaince amount is spent, then can it be claimed as well?

Is it true? loss from house property can’t be set off against income from salaries if it is not self occupied?

One of the income tax consultatants has advised me that the loss from house property can not be set off against the income from salaries if it is rented out. He says this provison has been with drawn in 2007 – 08. He says if the property is rented out, the loss arising out of it can be set off only against income from other sources if any & not against income from salaries as i will be claiming HRA exemption for the house i have taken on rent for my stay.

Tax on derivatives share transactions ? Loss set-up ?

Can U clarify please that share F&O or derivatives transactions profit is a business come like anyother business income & clubbing loss or profit like any other business ? or it’s purely speculative business ? what expenditure we can exempt ? like brokerage, service tax, phone bill, stamp duty, sebi fee, STT from the total profit from it ? can we make set-up of capital gain & speculative share income
each other ? and how many years we can carry forward loss if any ? what is my tax liabilty if i have an income of Rs. 1 lakh from delivery profit ( within year,& paid STT ) & 2 lakh from derivatives profit , brokerage & other exp. is 30, 000 , & I have invested profit Rs., 10,000 in my PPF ?.
Thank You.