Which is better for monthly investing,mutual funds or rd account?

I am planning to invest 2000/- per month for 10 years i.e 120 months,which will be the better option ,whether SIP in Mutual Funds or opening a Recurring Account with SBI or ICICI?
also tell us How much amount will i get after 12 years if i invest in a particular scheme
i mean after 10 years
What are income tax implications of investing in mutual fund i.e whether i have to pay any income tax on mutual fund profits annual vise?

How do LIC pay bills to a medical examiner?

Agents come with a number of forms to fill up for policies. They give a lump sum amount to the doctor irrespective of the test undertaken. While other insurance companies have a policy to pay the amount to the doctor concerned in their account directly, LIC give a chance to the agents to grab the doctors money.