If i choose to withdraw ULIP policy after lockin period how many days will i get the money?

I Have a Kotak life smart advantage plan ( ULIP). it will complete 3 yrs in sept 2011. I am yet to pay the August installlment. the policy is under lapse mode. If i choose to renew it by paying the last due and then with draw immidealty after that . will i get the fund value. As i dont wish to continue this plan and need cash . Aslo let me knw how can i figure out my fund value.

Tax rebate on market plus policy of lic?

I invested three lacs rupees(one lac per year for three years) in market plus policy of lic. In growth fund.After three years when lockin period was over i surrender the policy and got Rs. 3.25 lac from lic. Is this amount is tax free? there was no inssurence covered in this policy.

ULIP – Lockin Period and maturity?

ULIPs have a locking period of 3 years. Consider the following example.

I take a ULIP for 15 years. I am paying a regular monthly premium till 15 years. So on maturity will I get the whole amount? Will the investment done less than 3 year back(13th , 14th and 15th year) still attract the lockin period?