Is there any way to get finance for a real estate (residential) project in a prime & posh location in Chennai?

We are a start up real estate promoting company in Chennai and looking for finance & have also contacted some banks for loans and even private financiers (but private financiers ask for up front payment before they lend us the money) but they dont accept agricultural land as collateral. The total cost of the project is 6.5 crores.
We can give collateral security but non of the banks are ready to finance us for the Agricultural land as it is the collateral. We also have residential property in Potheri and Ponmar at south Chennai for collateral.

Is there any Bank or Private finance institutions who offer Loan against property or project finance to fund the project ? Please suggest

We have seen a plot at Anna Nagar in Chennai and looking to develop the plot which is of 3,400 sqft. into 6 apartments. And the rate per sqft is around 12,000 to 14,000 in the locale.

How to find the exact location of a house in Google Earth?

I searched up my house in google earth an just put the address (not including the postal code). I found out it was 1 house off. I searched only my postal code, and it was 17 houses off! I know for sure what my postal code is. Is there a way you can find the EXACT location of a house in google earth? I have the newest 2010 version.

Bank of Baroda location?

Can anyone please tell me where Bank of Baroda is located in Sector 15, Gurgaon? I need some directions to reach it…any landmark or rough idea would also help me..
Searching for it while in sector 15 would waste a lot of time…
it is the only BoB branch in Gurgaon that is open from 8 am to 8 pm…
Called the branch for the details, but like every sarkari bank, did not help much!

What home loan tax rebate I can get?


I purchased flat near to my office and both are in same city (NCR). But I’m living with parents in another City (Delhi) and claiming HRA. I can’t claim 1.5L interest benefit as my flat and office in same location.

Taken Home Loan and I’m paying 2.5L Principal and 4L Interest. What tax benefit I can get and how?

Suggestion and guidance are welcome.