Parcel from usa to india via post?

Can any one tell me ,
Whats the procedure if i want to get a used mobile phone from USA to INDIA, and i don’t want to use my address.
So can i get it on my local post office
and pls tell me its safe or not
and does it comes under some tax or some verification also

and can i use a usa mobile in india


hi,we contacted at local post office,they are saying that there is no guarentee of mails sent by priority mail

then what is the use of postal service,the product which I .sent was of low value,If there is no guarentee for low value products then what about costly ones?.I can send through registered post,but I thought ,its a craft,nobody can steal such a small craft.If I want to give a complaint ,who should I contact?.Local post persons say that Even If we send by registered post, there is no guarentee,How can we change this process?.Is there any possibility of getting my product back?.Let me know.

What is the procedure for withdrawing NSC on maturity after changing city?

I bought NSC for tax saving purposes several years back in Kolkata. Presently I am in Chennai and my certificates are due for maturity. However when I visited the local post office, they just scared me away. I am told that they will send the certificates by post to Kolkata and if I am lucky they will get confirmation in about 3 months time. After that, I have to apply for change of address and give address proof. A representative from local PO will visit my house to confirm if I actually stay there.

They will issue me a cheque only after all these formalities. Does anyone know an easier way out?