What do I do if I get a fake currency note from ATM?

Suppose I withdraw money from some ATM and it turns out that one Rs500 is fake. What do I do then? I think the banks probably keep record of the numbers of new currency notes but what about old notes? Is there any difference between way of handling the issues of new and old fake currency note(s) from ATM? How can I prove to that bank authority that I really withdrew the fake note from their ATM?

Subsidies loan for open up a Branded retail Garments outlet?

I am working on a business plan for retailing branded garments as a Franchisee/consignment agent which will generate employment and a good revenue as well as for state govt.

The approximate project cost is 25L.

In the min time I want to know about the subsidies loan schemes from Indian Govt. or bank loans for this kind of retail business.

Please also suggest me other finance options.