What are the conditions about gold loan repayment.If one fail to depoit intrest on fix tenure what'll result.?

Dear reader,

For any kind of loan, taken against a particular asset, you have to stay very much careful.
If defaults keep on happening, your asset can be taken over by the financer.
Please refer the loan agreement's terms & conditions, which you have received at the time of taking a loan.
Most of the times, if your financer is a reputed company, then will inform you about defaults & ask for explanations. It will also inform you the possible actions which can be taken.

Home Loan repayment for ICICI bank?

Hi All,
I have taken Home Loan from ICICI bank and i want to repay some extra amount in advance coz EMI is slighly higher for me. In such case any idea what procedure to follow?

What % of extra amount will be treated as priciple and interest?

Let say for 20L laon im planning to repay 5L ealry in one shot.

Please guide me in this case.