Why Govt or RBI can not take appropriate action against UNIPAY2U in India? which is a registrad Co in India.?

I am to draw your kind attention that UNIPAY 2U MARKETING PRIVATE LIMITED whose CIN is “U74999TN2009PTC071782 ” collected a huge amount of money from Indian citizens. Now the company is not paying withdrawal amount since October 2010 which was to be paid by online bank transfer to respective investor bank account. Now the company is misleading its investors publishing various ambiguous statement on its website (www.unipay2u.com). It has already blocked the translation under investor user id and now the investor can not handle its account or withdraw any money from the company by online transfer.
These type of doubtful acts of the said company stronger our believe that this company is cheating Indian people and going to commit one of the biggest scam in India.
In this connection, also want to inform you one of the regional news paper of Assam “Asomiya Pratidin” has reported that the top executives of the company ran away from Indian with huge money of public and living a 5 star life in Malasiya. Some high rank government officers, politicians and top officials of police are also involved in this scam and collected one part of money form the scam as reported by the news paper on 21st, 22nd 23rd April , 2011.
Therefore, I hereby kindly request the appropriate authority to look into the matter very seriously and take strong legal action against the criminals and help us to get our invested amount back from the company

Here, we can see how Indian Government is inactive and not willing to take action after receiving several complaints, but the Bangladeshi Counterpart already banded the company in their country,
oh god please save us from the greedy politicians and top corrupted officers of the country.
Strong action/punishment on culprits is a matte for us