How are bonus and fractional shares treated for income tax purposes?

I owned shares in Company A. The shares were purchased less than a year back. Company A declared a 1:4 bonus share issue. They announced that that any fractional share entitlement will be aggregated and sold in the market and the proceeds distributed to shareholders entitled to fractional shares.
I received 6 shares and Rs. 66 for this bonus share issue.

1. I am assuming that the 6 shares will be treated as having a cost of acquisition of Nil for income tax purposes, i.e. if I sell them, I will have to pay Capital Gains tax on the entire proceeds. Please let me know if this is correct?
2. Since no STT was charged by the company for allotting these shares, will I be liable to pay Long Term Capital Gain tax if I sell them after 1 year?
3. How do I account for the Rs. 66? Is this to be considered as Short Term Capital Gain or is it to be accounted under some other head?

Thanks for your answers.

icici pru life time super foreclosure?

dear sir ,i have one ulip policy from icicipru life time super ,first premium 30000paid on 21.07.2006 and second premium also paid in 2007.but i am unable to pay third premium.A leter received from insurer your policy was foreclosed .ur current nav amount per the norms 60%of the nav amount for forclossing charges.balance 30800 rupees cheque enclosed the letter.the foreclosure was without my knowledge.this is correct?any expert please guide to intimation for foreclosure the [email protected] mobile no 09443104411

“Bajaj Allianz New Unit Gain Easy Pension Plus SP”?

My mother 70 years old, she did investment 5 years ago for “Bajaj Allianz New Unit Gain Easy Pension Plus SP”?
My mother 70 years old, she did investment 5 years ago (11-Sep-2006) for “Bajaj Allianz New Unit Gain Easy Pension Plus SP” while doing this investment she was carried away by the agent’s big talks. she was not aware that the sum of this insurance will not be given her life time. the due date for maturity was 11-sep-2011. about one month passed to this date today, she went to Bajaj office, they told her that only 33% she can withdraw. an interest of 7% annually will be given to her on the balance amount
she cannot recover the full funds. If she could have applied 3 months before the maturity date (11-sep-2011) she could have given the full amount. The funds are sent to Pension plan already.
the balance will be only paid after her death to the beneficiary.
She is in dire need of money due to multiple illness and other expanses
Is there is any way that considering her old age & illness the insurance company to give her the investment she has made?
The secunderbad(AP) office is useless they are not ready for any cooperation at all. Unfortunately my mother is not in a shape to move here & there she is heart patient too. The agent who made this policy also left Bajaj Allienz. The agent made her fool, brochure was not given complete information.
The policy schedule also made in such a way that it could not understood by ordinary person. top of this, the schedule is in English and all clauses are binding the buyer not the Bajaj Allianz.
Before the maturity (5 years completion) at least Bajaj Allianz office could have sent the notice whether to continue in Pension fund or to withdraw the sum would have to disappoint in this way. I want to know if she incurred a bit loss, any possibility she can withdraw full funds? Please help.
7 working days are spoiled for approaching Bajaj Alliance office in Secunderabad. Branch manager is not ready to take the application and not answering the call as well. Divisional manager says I am merely an employee, I can not take any responsibilty if head office have not sent any notice regarding the vesting date. the two mail IDS [email protected] and [email protected] —also not answering from two days I sent them mail.

*******[email protected] I sent the message to this e-mail and following response arrived.
The recipient’s mailbox is full and can’t accept messages now. Microsoft Exchange will not try to redeliver this message for you. Please try resending this message later, or contact the recipient directly.
***My telephone is 09676935189
Bajaj offfice got in touch, they said they are looking into the matter.

Can you guide me please?

Just now I have invested money in ULIP ( Life Time Gold Plan ) under ICICI Prudential Life Insurance with the condition that I have to invest still 2 years more. ( Totally 3 Years Investment ). I have a hope that I will get double the return in this investment. Can you tell me Whether i will get Return as my hope? If i wrongly invested, please guide me to invest at which&Where to get more returns.

Pension plan?

pl adv me on life time super pension plan by icici is it good to inveset my age is 35 and want to invest in flexigrowth fund their lock in period of 3 yrs and it is ULIP