What is the procedure to sell property in Bangalore?

I am planning to sell a property and it is currently under ICICI Loan. Buyer is taking loan from LIC and says LIC will close my loan at the day of registration. What will be the proof given to me assuring that LIC has issued a cheque/draft to close ICICI loan ? After what proof I can sign before registrar to sell the property?

Getting LIC policy as a residence proof document in Mumbai?

I live in Mumbai as a Paying Guest and want to get a residence proof document. The post offices I visited don’t know about any such documents. I was told LIC policy document can serve as one. What is the minimum amount LIC I need to get for it, just for getting a residence proof document? Will that be accepted for opening a bank account, applying for a credit card etc.
Are there other options I can look into?

How can I convert an LIC policy to a paid policy?

I have the following policies taken 8 years back.
1. LIC New Jeevan Shree
2. LIC Jeevan Rekha
3. LIC Jeevan Suraksha
I have taken up adequate term life insurance cover and I invest separately in mutual funds. I no longer want these LIC policies. How do I convert these into paid up policies? These were taken in the Bangalore branch of LIC.
btw, i meant “paid up” policy.