What is net income tax liability?

On line 46 on the 1040 it has 12829.00. and line 52 is 2000.00
and line 57 is 10229.00. and we only received only 1200.00 and we have 2 adults and 2 children. We were expecting 1800.00.
We owe no back taxes, child support or student loans. Could someone explain.

Can someone refer me to laws governing leakage liability for apartments in coop society?

I am suffering a leakage in my apartment from one of the bathrooms above. The owner above is not accepting liability. They say that since it does not bother them, it is not their problem. Therefore, either I should pay for the repair or continue to suffer. I want to understand what laws govern and affix liability in this case and where and how can I procure a copy to cite for the owner of the property above since I am not able to get across the voice of reason. I stay in Maharashtra. Thanks in advance.