booking air ticket need Credit Card authorisation letter?

Recently i use online booking 4 tickets of air indian express airline for our workers and the payment is make by my boss credit card.

I would like to know how the process for the credit card payment.

What’s the authorise letter for self-attested?

Any customer service number for this airline?
Please advise.

Thank you so much…..

about sbi life unit plus II pension?

I have invested in SBI life unit plus II pension .I had declared it under 80C ULIP for TDS . But when i got the letter from SBI it is under 80CCC .I called them and they are still saying its under ULIP.
If i declare this under pension fund 80CCC when filing income tax return will it cause any problem

What does “conditionally approved” mean for a Chase Private Student Loan?

Does this mean I still need a cosigner? Or just send in the papers and I am approved to get my money?
Well in the packet I can download – they have a seciton for a cosigner. But in the “acceptance letter” they just say Congrats, you have been conditionally approved. Nothing about cosigner even though there is a section but they say – if applicable. ??
I actually applied for the loan and this is what it said. Conditionally approved.