Do grand children get the share of property of maternal grand parents, according to Indian law?

My maternal have three children (my mother, my aunt and my uncle). Grandparents died without making a will. Now that property is still unsolved. What happens in case of death of my mother, if still that property remains un shared. On that property both my uncle and un married aunt staying. Please answer if you are only Indian.
@ kcsadvocate – Sir, what happens after the death of my mother, do we (her children) have to right to partition suit?

One person purchased the flat on ownership basis in the building having lift constructed by builder. Now lift?

One person purchased the flat on ownership basis in the building having lift constructed by builder. Now lift is not working. Who has to repair or replace this lift as builder is disowning his liability about lift? How much is the guarantee of the building and lift as per law? What are the procedures to make builder to repair or replace the lift? Please advise in details. Please do not give answer in ‘yes’ or ‘no’ words otherwise I would report the same. Further please do not give rubbish answers. Thanks in advance.

How father’s ancestral property will be divided among his successors?

My maternal grandfather had 7 successors (4 daughters + 3 sons) elder son has died (in army war at kargil) leaving behind his wife n two sons. Now 2 sons 1 daughter in law and 4 daughters are there. One of the two sons left has made a house on residential plot of that ancestral property from his own earnings + Indira Awaas Fund given to his father. Now what will be the share of all successors and how will that be devided.

it was said during the campain that paying taxes was patriotic,then why?

did so many appointees owe so much in back taxes,dosent that meen they wernt patriotic?if so then why did they get appointments when they had proven they were not honest with the tax man,how can we trust them to have mended their ways?and why if it were just plain old every day citizens didnt the severe laws apply to them?are the special because they are politicians?do they have special exemptioms from the force of law?

How will be Real Estate market in the coming days?

All the Banks and Financial Institutions are not encouraging lending against RE. The credit policy of RBI also do the same except for the Home Loan. The input costs also climbing northwards not found in the past decades. At this stage I hope there can not be much demand for Real Estate. When this being the trend ,do you think there will be good demand for RE. If yes, then the demand will be at all areas or only in the tier II cities.