Capital Gains on inherited property after re-development?

Our property is 50 years old & are developing residential scheme on our own (finance through bank – mortage loan against land). Out of say 4 units we are planning to sell 2 units & balance 2 units wiil be kept for self occupancy. In this case are we supposed to pay any capital gains tax? Experts Please respond.

What is Funda of property purchased in Pagdi system?

What is status of Property Purchase in Pagdi system? Why we have to pay 33% of sales value to land lord ? are we not the owner if bill is in our name? for how many year tenant & land lord relation exist since purchase of property? basically what is funda of Pagdi system?

Is there capital gains on factory property sold to pay bank debts?

As our company went into losses, we had large bank debts which had to be settled. The factory land and building was sold and the payment made directly to the bank to settle the debts. In fact even after selling the same, a small amount of debt remained outstanding. In this case when no sale proceeds has been received by me and when the company is also loss making is capital gains tax payable? What about properties sold under Bank DRT through SARFESI act?