undivided share of land in apartment- not properly apportioned in Tamilnadu?

The builder of the apartment planned for 8000 sq ft ,but built only 6000 sq ft plinth and apportioned the undivided share of land to the existing 6000 sqft and retained the uds relating to the unbuilt portion. namely 2000 sq ft ,now after 15yrs, the owners of the apartment needs to rebuild due to structural defects etc .do we need to take the permission of the promoter builder ,What are the legal provision applicable,to the builder and the apartment owners namely . Transfer of property act,wealth tax , income tax, gift tax , stamp duty , etc in case the apartment is rebuilt by the original promoter, or a new promoter.Can the apartment owners sue the builder under specific relief act for transferring the retained portion, for rectification of original sale deed which stands as the hurdle to independent redevelopment of the apartment by the apartment owners, what is the stamp duty applicable in this case of rectification of title deed

How to know if tenant residing in my property(in Nasik,maharashtra) has bought flat / land /elsewhere?

Our old tenant’s son is paying measly rent of rs.20/month. I am sure he has bought some residence flat somewhere, as he is doing good business of selling “Vada-pau”. he owns a mobike and cell phone . such clever tenants lease out their flats and make a source of self income,, they continue staying in chawls paying low rents, always displaying a show that they are not well off & have no income.

Is it necessary that I must pay tax if sell my land property?

Hi I’m a guy from India. I own certain piece of land. I’m going to sell this land to get money. My aim is to repair certain buildings I have in another place.
Meanwhile, i was advised by one of my friends that I must pay to the government. Is it true?
This land is about 70 cents. The expected price per cent is Rs. 1,00,00.
What are the rules regarding this. Please help, thanks.

Can you sell a land which you own, without the wife’s consent?

If the husband owns a land which he bought from his hard earned money. Can he sell the land without his wife’s or children’s consent? If not, please tell why? what is the law behind it? If there is a law, why arent they checking when you are selling the property? Please elaborate.

I am talking about an Indian Property Law. Sorry I should have mentioned it earlier. My bad!