Can some one advice me about Kotak money back plan?

recently I have been approached by Kotak representative, and he was advising me to invest in Money back policy. He was suggesting me that I will almost double the money, If I break the policy at the end of 4th year. He showed me the spreadsheet and he said the same copy will be printed in bond sheet.

There where two illustration in the spreadsheet (Benefits at lower rate & Benefits at higher rate)

Below is the illustration which he showed at lower benefit rate (worst case scenario)
Policy amount : 5Lakhs and term for 20 years.
My Age : 31
1st year premium : Rs 35,000 (apx)
2nd year premium : Rs 35,000 (apx)
3rd year premium : Rs 35,000 (apx)
4th year premium : Rs 35,000 (apx)

So total premium I would have paid is : Rs 1,40,000.

According to the Kotak people, If I break it at the end of 4th year, I will get (Accumulation amt + Surrender Value + 30% of total premium from 2nd year)
which is (109,800+ 104,300 + 31500) = 245,600 (min guaranteed).

Can someone please advice whether its true? Is it good to invest in this plan? Is this much returns is possible in 4 years? Is it a safe short term investment ?

what happened at kotak life insurance! a sad story! rate it! or feel it!?

Birla sun life showed advt “that they need sales manage’s for life insurance!”
exactly at that moment kotak called me for life insurance!
i had a bad time!
i explained to them “i have no human value in my realtions and no one would put insurance without a standard job!
only g.k.iyer apart from our family took insurance!
and by my spritual power so many sales managers like venkatesh siva all did great in insurance…
and literally i take insurance without money by love “begging to a teacher brain was insulting”
“insurance is not in my hand but in someone’s hand”
i met grudges after grudges….
and in fith geat “i own kotak”
in short i suffered while others earned…
they judged others performance through me!
they got new plans like Smart Advantage plan by observing me…
they laughed at me saying here is someone who loves peace in life then money!
i was a better motivater than the guy their…
and more my lover is playing hide and seek” never coming to terms but TV showing love every afternoon or 24 hours….
“when someone loves u without coming to terms u know how much painful it is”
and mr.c saying come out of kotak it shall perish by Raja yoga 7 day clash…
mr.c failed to give me money support for yoga institute i conceived but gave rs11000
for kotak term and that too once…
“insurance taught me who are truly mine who are vain relations”
in short for one who takes insurance “free of cost” its a sin to buy insurance by money…
“i would that because of christ insurance came to existence”
i found somehow i own or responsible for all insurance companies!
me and holy cross = LIC
me and pranava= kotak mahi8ndra…
me and sun = birla sunlife..
now who has to pay “all insurance companies have to pay to me yes or no”

Sagitarian master…”they say i own everything”