can my insurance agent sign a new policy with a new company without my knowledge?

After tornado hit my home, i found out that my insurance was changed 2 months prior without my knowledge. My personal items was dropped 40,000 dollars. Is this legal? The first insurance company dropped because they no longer give insurance in my state. I exceeded the new personal items of 80,000 dollars and would have been around 100,000 dollars. Something does not feel right.

Updating my NRI status for KYC,mutual fund,stock and other investment?

I have my investment made as indian resident. Now i am planning to register myself as NRI since i moved to US for employment from last year.
Mutual fund,Stocks,savings account,KYC all are created and registered as resident. Now when i ask my banker he is suggesting me to close all this and reopen new account.

I dont want to redeem mutual fund/sell stocks but would like to retain them and update my status alone to NRI. Is that possible?

What things must one keep in mind after buying a flat?

I want to know this because one of my cousin bought a 1 bedroom flat in Mumbai. What should he be aware of ? Does he have to arrange any lawyer ?

Kindly advice what is most important for him so that he will be aware of not being cheated in any case, by anybody.

I don’t have any knowledge, so I would like you to please help him out.

Thank you.