How to know if tenant residing in my property(in Nasik,maharashtra) has bought flat / land /elsewhere?

Our old tenant’s son is paying measly rent of rs.20/month. I am sure he has bought some residence flat somewhere, as he is doing good business of selling “Vada-pau”. he owns a mobike and cell phone . such clever tenants lease out their flats and make a source of self income,, they continue staying in chawls paying low rents, always displaying a show that they are not well off & have no income.

Do you know where the creamy layers are?

Creamy layers are there in cream biscuits only. Am I right?

There are no creamy layers in any communities. All the communities have invested all the free money/properties etc. in industries/media, yellow pages directories, newspapers, television networks., etc. and all these industries are having heavy losses due to backward in nature. Presently, they have a very small amount of money only. Hence, there are no creamy layers.

On the other hand, creamy layers are there in biscuits only. .

What is your opinion?