I want to invest money in SIP for my retirement & kid’s education &marriage. How is bajaj capital.San-Canada

Since last 3 years i am in Canada. I have one son.I am 35 years old. I made some good savings in Canada. Now, i am coming back to india. I am thinking to invest my money in SIP for my retirement and also for my son’s education and his marriage. I read about Bajaj Capital and its SIP plans. Can you suggest me should i have to go with it or not? If there is another good scheme or plan for my purpose; please send me your reply.
I preffered to invest in government sector . or you can suggest any good mutual fund .

what is the best LIC policies for kids today?

should i buy LIC policy or i invest the same yearly premium in PPF, i have taken SIP,Mutual funds,ULIP but none of them is giving good returns, thus banking on LIC policies but agent is suggesting 1L premium for each kids(2 kids), is it advice able to go for 1L premium for LIC or PPF, please suggest. As per agent i will get 8 to 8.5 returns in 12,18 yrs which is same as PPF. Thanks