Please intimate what is the legal position on the aforesaid matter.
1.A property (house) is in joint name (two brothers) and took joint housing loan. Thereafter, a written partition was made on the property (house). 1st applicant is agreed to pay the loan 1/2 of the instalment. Whereas the 2nd applicant is not paying the loan. The bank tried to deduct whole amount from the 1st applicant only. Please advice, what action may be taken by the 1st applicant to secure his portion in the house. The bank told that they will attach whole property.

Do you have to have permission from lender to add a name to a deed creating a joint tenancy? (Floroida)?

My friend was talked into adding her boyfriend to her deed and creating a joint tenancy. He makes no payments and has no equity in the property. There is a mortgage on the property and permission was not obtained from the lender before this was done. What can she do to get this reversed or is it even a legal deed in the first place since the lender is unaware of it and did not grant permission to do it.

my home is name of my wife and loan is sanctioned my joint name,am i entitled to avail tax exemption on this.?

i have my own home in Gujarat for which i have taken a loan from icici bank and i am availing income tax exemption. now i wish to loan transfer to SBI. my home is name of my wife, she is a housewife and she is not availing any benifit on that home. Am i entitled to avail tax exemption on this loan? Bankofficer says no, because home is not my name.

What is the procedure for transfer of title of property from Joint owners to single owner?

My Father had purchased the property in Ahmedabad (India) 30 years ago, which was jointly registered in the name of my FATHER, GRANDMOTHER (Deceased), UNCLE & AUNTY.

Now today, we want to transfer the title of the property in the name of my FATHER with mutual consent of Uncle & Aunty without any dispute.

What is the procedure to do so? Are there any charges to be incurred? Is there any stamp duty to be paid? Please elaborate!

Thank you!!