Gold ETF Tax and ITR -2 columns/schdule?

I have sold few gold etf units as per following details
1. 5 units with holding of 9 months (Gain 10,000)
2. 10 units with holding of 15 monts (Gain 20,000)
3. 7 units with holding of 4 years ( Gain 25,000)

I want to know what tax rates are applicable of these gains
and in which column/schdeules these gains have to be shown in ITR-2

How do I account my pension income from the superannuation account operated by my prev. co. in IT returns?

I have not transferred any amount from my prev. company’s super annuation account to the current company SA account. I did not commute any part of that as well. Hence I am getting my pension paid out on a yearly basis from LIC with which my prev. company had the SA account. How do I treat this income from taxation perspective and where do I specify the same in ITR-2 (as I have to declare Income from house property)? As per Section 2 of the IT Act, I hope this should be quoted as part of “Salaries”. However in ITR-2 this part also requires the Employer name to be specified. As I am out of my prev. company, I am confused what to write there.

Clubbing minor’s family pension :?

Pl. Answer in details : I recieved family pension of my life partner. Due to remarriage it is transfered to my child who is minor . But as a guardian , i am recieving the same on behalf my child ( daughter ) 14 yrs old. can the family pension club to my indivisual income ? or minor has to file ITR ( signed by guardian) separately if family pension and arrears if any are above the IT slab limits ?
2. if pension arrears and pay arrears of last 4 years recieved after transfered to minor’s name , the whole income treated as minor’s income ? or distribute to prev. pensioner also ( like sec. 89 ) ?

How do we fill the details regarding the Retirement Benefits in the ITR1?

Please tell how are the following details regarding the Retirement Benefits have to be filled in the ITR1 form?

Commutation of Pension
Leave Encashment
Payment from Provident Fund
Payment from Superannuation Fund
(These are covered under Section 10 for tax rebate)
(Which section in ITR1 is used for defining the rebate under section 10?)