What is the current KYC formality for new mutual fund investors?

What KYC formalities are to be done at the time of new mutual fund investments in India? is there any special form to be filled up for KYC or will I just have to submit my photo-proof and address-proof with application (in addition to PAN copy)?

Second, I have invested in several funds in small amounts. Will I have have to complete KYC formality for each fund?

Is Jyothis Project a fraud ? How come they promise 50% more money after 1 year and Kerala lottery tickets ?

Jyothis project has come up again . However how can they promise 50% more money after 1 year and one Rs10/- Kerala lottery ticket/ week for Rs1025/- unit. Hence Rs500/- being used up for lottery tickets and the balance RS500/- for an Unwanted magazine. Are they doing the same Money rotation business they did earlier , thereby cheating thousands of investors ? Please throw some light.

How much Land should I needs to build a Movie Theatre?

Hi, I have a land of 23 Cents (10500 Sq Feet) near my home town. It is a developing locality and located very near to 4-way Roads. I doubt whether I can build a Theater that can accomodate around 700 people at a time, with all basic amenities, like parking, toilet, snacks etc. If this wont work, please let me know how much land space would be required to accomplish my dream.