1.what is the difference between systematic investment plan and equity linked savings scheme?

This is required for next year’s tax planning purpose.In case of opening SIP now what is the benefit and whether it will be more beneficial to open Equity linked savings scheme??Whether in the ELSS(equity linked savings scheme) a bulk amount has to be deposited??Any fixed period is there?
Whether rate of interest is market driven??Whether it is beneficial to invest in it when the stock market falls?

What is the best way to be free from threat calls from financiers?

My friend got loan from a financier for his daughter’s marriage. He promised to pay the monthly interest after he gets salary every month. All on a sudden there was loss in his company and employees were laid off. He didn’t pay the interest for 3 months. The Financier is repeatedly giving threat calls. He is confused. He has started a small business now with a small investment. Any help?

What are the options available for home business for women from Madurai ?

Dear Friends,
I'm from Madurai. I would like to know about the wide options available to start a home-based business with small investment.
Especially, with regard to textiles and tailoring, are there opportunities available to get any job work and do it from home.
Also, I don't know about the work providers in Madurai.
Please help me providing all the details of home business with small investment.
Thank you.