Can anyone advice me for proper investment?

I work for a private concern and draw a consolidated pay of Rs.20,000/- per month. My age is 31 and my wife is about to give birth to a baby by end of this year. My monthly commitment will be approximately Rs.10,000/- per month which includes my house rent, groceries, fuel, mobile bill, electricity, water, servant maid, other miscellaneous.

I am about to get a share of Rs.5 Lakhs from my parents which i am planning for a long term investment. I am also planning to build a house in my own land which i purchased recently in another 3 to 4 years max for a budget of 10 to 12 lakhs. Now please suggest me some ways in which i can start my savings from now onwards in such a way that i will have about 2 to 3 lakhs before i start my construction so that i can use it as the initial payment to avail a home loan. I also would like to have some corpus funds which can be liquidated easily for any emergency purposes. I would also like to save for my child’s education and our retired life. As of now i do not have any insurance policy also. I and my wife hold a ICICI lombard health insurance alone.

Please suggest me how effectively can use my resources to save / invest so that we can lead a economically safe life and still achive our goals.

Can i have some tips on Mutual Fund investment in India?


I am investing in mutual fund schemes of three fund houses since last 9 months through SIP.

Types of my schemes are

1. Equity Scheme
2. Diversified Equity Scheme and
3. Balanced Scheme

They are of SBI,Reliance and HDFC respectively.

Since this is my very first MF investment i want advised in

1.Which is the right time to switch/redeem accumulate units?
(At what time i can take decision / by looking at what?)

2.Shall i withdraw all amount as it is giving me good return within 8 months or shall i wait for some more type (typically 2/3 years)?

3.Which MF Scheme giving good return,promising and reliable as of now?

4. Where can i get MF Scheme related details online?

Thanks in advance.

mutual fund investment?

i m an nri n wnt to invest abt 3 lac in mf looking for long term abut 3 yr or mor pl suggest me the best funds i hv visited my hsbc bank thy suggested me to go for 1 tempelton flexicap 2 hsbc india opp 3 pru icici dynamic 4. reliance growth pl comment on thm

whic investment plan?

Which is the best mutual fund investment in India? What are the factors we have to consider while investing and how should we manage our funds? Which are the giving maximum benefits? Is there any one time investment plans? Which website gives correct information and guides us without hiding the facts? What is best “should we invest in MF” or “NSC” or “PPF” or “TAX saving bank account” or “Post office” for investing 50k ?