Help me out to answer these interview questions?

How to answer the below questions
” Why do you want to pursue the job of a bank clerk?”
“Why do you want to enter banking?”

Currently working as a software enginneer.i am planning to attend bank clerical job.Could someone help me out to tackle these questions.Please pour in your valuable suggestions/advice to clear the interview
Hi Rahul, that is something personal and i dont think i have to answer you for that. If you dont have an answer just ignore my question and mind your business.

SBI Life Insurance – Should i Go for this Job interview or Not?

hello all,

I am an Mechanical Engineer from Chennai and i am job Seeker.
In my job search process, i recently applied for SBI Life Insurance company (Subsidiary of SBI) through Naukri.
Well this might sound pretty Strange that, though i dont have any experience in this field, i applied for this Job role “Unit Manager” which requires 1 to 4yr Similar work experience..
I only have work experience with Manufacturing Industry in fields of Management, Production process and Logistics.

But i applied for this, just to know further details about the job and to know weather am i eligible or not!! BUT i never thought i would get reply from them!! (As i have been applying for jobs with Naukri for years but i hardly got any replies from them, uhhh!!).

Yesterday evening, i got an call from an HR of SBI life regarding the job i applied to know weather i am interested with the job or Not..
I was Shocked & Confused..
And as i could’t say no too, i replied i will get back to you tomorrow early morning (thats today)..

He asked me few questions and i too asked him few..
I told him that, i dont have any experience with this job profile and applied to know i am eligible.

OK People, now i have these doubts –
1) As i have no experience with this kinda job role, will i be selected for this Unit manager job?? (Crazy doubt, but just to know).
2) How good is SBI life insurance company?? any reviews on this..
3) Is SBI Life Insurance – Govt owned, Partially Govt or Fully Private??
4) Should i trust the HR and go and attend this Interview (if i say i am interested). Because with many interviews i attended before, i have faced many such similar problems.
I go and attend for interview the job role i applied which will not be related to my educational or exp criteria.. The HR will call me and ask me to come and meet him on personal.. And i pack up from home, go there, wait for hours for the interview and probably after 3 hours of wait, the HR says at interview that
“Sorry, u dont have any experience, so we cant give u this job”..
Will i face the same problem here too..

Any HR recruiter Friends from Chennai, PLEASE HELP ME.. I am Confused…
What should i do??