NSC vs term bank fixed deposit interest rate?

What is the current interest rate in NSC?
Which is recommended for 80C tax exemption and why?
1. NSC by Post office (6yrs)
2. Term deposit by banks (5Yrs).

Which bank is giving better interest on term fixed deposit (80C tax exemption).

Where to file a complain against HDFC Credit Card department?

My husband had a HDFC CC, it was stolen and then we blocked it. Since we did not want to use the card any more we settled the amount and paid the installments to settle the same. Now they are harassing us that we didn’t pay the full amount and now we have to pay them 45000 as late fee charges. I have the receipt of all the payments and still they are thretening us. How are where can we complain because it is very stressful to deal with these collection agents…