Medical examination for insurance in India?

I would like to know what the medical examination required for an insurance scheme in India consist of? ECG, Blood sugar test and? Does it also consist of an HIV Test. Assume the sum assured to be high – some Rs. XX lakhs.

Income tax treatment of LIC M.F.-Unit Linked Insurance Scheme, units’ sale proceeds?

I have units in LIC MF – Unit Linked Insurance Scheme (previously known as Dhanraksha), which matured after 15 years on 31.03.2007, but I continued with the scheme. During all these years dividend declared by the scheme was reinvested in the scheme and proportionate units were allotted at the prevailing rates. I used to take credit for the dividend amount in the relevant year, in my books. Now, the NAV is much below the rates at which these were allotted to me. If I sell these units at the prevailing NAV, there will be a loss. My query is – if I sell all these units and book loss, how the same will be treated in my books, for Income-tax purpose ?
– Arjun Kumar Miharia

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