Which is the Best Children Insurance Plan to buy in India?

my little niece is 5 years old and my sister is planning to start investing for her education early ( i know this is too early but she wants to give her the best!). She is very creative and paints really well but then she wants to become an Astronaut like Kalpana Chawla 🙂

now-a-days there are a lot of child insurance plans coming up-all look the same to me. Was thinking if someone can tell which one is the best : Aviva Child Insurance, ICICI, Kotak, etc..

How can I manage both grand ceremony and electricity saving?

I am very confused about the arrangements, my brother is getting married this December, and we are planning to celebrate it highly in a 5 star hotel with a lots of friends and family members. On the other hand we are also thinking about how to save electricity, but without huge lighting the whole ceremony will be very dull.


HI.. I want to know which is the best insurance plan for the childrens from L.I.C OF INDIA..
Jeevan Anurag
Komal Jeevan

Educational Annuity Plan
CDA Endowment Vesting At 18

Jeevan Kishore Jeevan Chhaya
Child Career Plan Child Future Plan
Child Fortune Plus

MY child is 2 yrs old
Serious answers only if possible with explainations