What should be done when a ac payee only cheque is returned with the banks stamp in it.?

There will be a slip accompanying the returned cheque/instrument with Bankers remarks about the reason for return of the instrument. If the instrument is bounced not because of your fault,Contact the issuer and get it rectified. If not contact a Lawyer and send the Legal Notice within 15 days to the issuer of the cheque and keep your claim alive. If no response is coming you can lodge the Police complaint and get the Party arrested

What are various Security types on NSE India Stock exchange?

I want to try and learn Derivatives and already have a stock trading account with Kotak Securities.

I am trying to buy Nifty Futures but its asking me to choose the instrument type from “FI, OI”. Please help me understand what are these. I want an option to buy Nifty in the future at the said price with no obligation.