How do i find out if a certain house is for sale?

I don’t live in the same country as where the house is located and have very little information about real estate there…
The house might either be in delhi,india or mumbai,india…
I also want to see the inside of the house looks like..I like the living room style as I have seen it already on TV…
Its the main house from the TV shows Banoo Mein Teri Dulhann and Ghar Ek Sapnaa.

How to get Indian Rupee symbol in ms word ?

india released the new symbol for INR, but i have searched a lot to get it in word or excel, but no positive results.
coincidently i could find it on news papers and some official documents. So plz tell me how to make it avail in word ?

How to sort an illegal entry to my property?

I own a piece of land for past 15 – 17 years. I’ve got all legal documents for it along with the demarcation of the land dimension. Recently when I was out of town, I got an intruder who built a wall from his property and extended it in portion of my property. He has completely removed our fencing and has occupied the land illegally. When we tried contacting him, he would not budge.
I would need all possible information, options etc for me to proceed ahead. I need to vacate the land and sell it off. Can anyone help?

How to write web home page to impress the people you have visit my web site?

Hello Friends,
I would like to create own website for computer and network related support in local business. I request you please share your ideas so that we can past in our web site. I need some information from your side…How to write web home page to impress the people you have visit my web site. Beep interdiction about above mentioned services.