Why government is not totally concentrating in developing waste land area taking with them all villagers?

There are not less than 5 lacs villages in whole india.Why are not leaders from all field and government and all small big ngos are not trying to develop waste land in terms of acres and acres.It is found that this was done by Reverence Pandurang Shastriji Athvale.Is it not the message for the whole nation itself.It is constructive work and it is environmental base and it is for all human kindness.

What is the best for a young man for long term savings, like unit linked pension plan et al. who offers the be

These days there are many options for pension plans with several riders ; A hordes of never heard names are floating in the market , like Aviva, Max Newyork, AXA besides our age old LIC, UTI. All claim to have best track records and offer the best scheme. I do not know whom to trust and do not understand their satistics of track records. Please tell me what is the best and how to comperhend that.

Please suggest if I should continue investing in the ULIP I am currently investing?

I started investing in Birls Sunlife ULIP Flexi Save Plus in April2006. The fund name is Individual-Enhancer. The semi-annual premium is 8688 and I have paid 9 premiums till now. But recently I checked and found that my fund value is Rs.65598 only. I am in loss of more than Rs.13000.Now I am not sure if I should surrender this ULIP or should continue investing in this. Can you suggest on this, please?


What’s the limit of currency conversion at any bank?

What’s the maximum amount a common individual can convert at a bank, in terms of USD?

And, what about the folks who earn a living trading currencies at the Forex Market? Do they have their currencies converted at a specialised institution, or do they just convert them through the banks? And if they do, are they required to hold some sort of license?