Which is Best health insurance policy in India for individual?

So far I have learnt that Reliance healthwise is a pretty good policy. Are there any better policies in the Indian Market for individuals. There are some active groups offering membership plus health insurance with benefits of group insurance policy. More comments on these groups? You know of any such groups and their covers?
Oh yes.. I am looking for replies on general insurance companies only and NOT life insurance which offer health insurance based ULIPs.

How do i sell my invention for money? I am in need of money urgently?

I have developed a new electronic device, its a tank water controlling system with a display for water levels (its well tested and maintenance free). I can sell it to any one (know-how) like a company or a person with capital and planning to launch a product, but i dont know any one to whom I can sell.
I am not looking for patents.
I just need money urgently for funding my brothers higher studies.
Any suggestions or assistance would be greatly appreciated.