What shall I do when ATM decline transaction?

I tried to withdraw money from AXIS bank ATM through my SBH debit card . But ATM declined transaction and unable to process. Surprisingly money was debited to my account. Either I have to lodge complaint with AXIS/SBH/OMBUDSMSN , and how much maximum compensation I .will get. I am a senior citizen.

LIC’s Annuity payable for remainder of life option has 50% spouse benefit?

For New Jeevan Suraksha-I pension plan, there are 5 options for Maturity Benefit from this page,

(i) annuity payable for remainder of life.
(ii) annuity payable for life with guarenteed period of 5,10,15 or 20 yrs.
(iii) Joint life and last survivor annuity to the annuitant and his/her spouse….

If I choose first option (annuity payable for remainder of life), will my spouse get 50% of pension on my death?
And choosing any of the 5 options returns same amount of pension?