How to accept foreign currency on Indian Bank?


I have an account on IDBI bank, Khardah bhanch. The branch has core banking facility and also provide other online services.

Now one of my client want to send money through wire transfer to my account.

What details should I provide him?
Is the SWIFT code varies from branch to branch?

Please can anyone give me a detailed overview on this…..


How to Transfer the money from liverpool @ united kingdom to indian bank?

Dear Friends,

I am Sundar. I have a problem.

I have to transfer the money from Liverpool bank to here Indian Bank. The bank of liverpool asked SWIFT Code and IBAN No. When i asked the local bank of india they gave me the SWIFT Code only. They told me there is no IBAN No for their Bank.

If i give the SWIFT Code only, Can they transfer the money to here. Please help me to solve this problem.

Thanks Very Much.