Limit on money transfer from India to US?

Hi All,

I inherited big property from my parents in India. I want to sell this property and bring money to US. Is there a limit on the money I can bring from India to US. I think I have to pay taxes in India. Do I have to pay something here too. Can I use this money to invest here in America.

How to register company in Andhra Pradesh , India. for IT business and better Tax benefits?

Hi All,

I would like to register company in Andhra Pradesh , India.
This new company will be doing business in Information Technology area.
And it will be child or sister concern company for USA based company.

Could any one give us detailed procedures on how to register company and different types of companies and different tax structures and where is the best location in Andhra Predesh to get more tax benefits?

And kind of help is greatly appreciated.


NRI Income tax to be paid in India?

Hi, I am NRI employed in Singapore, Recently i am in India branch on long project work.
I will also be traveling back to Singapore and some other countries at least once a month.

I am still paid by Singapore employer to my Singapore bank account.
I dont earn any thing in India.
Do i need to pay income tax in India.