Are other countries also becoming costlier like India?

Prices in India are going up continuously.Is it happening in other countries also.
All the prices of items like gold,silver,steel,petrol,diesel,LPG,CNG,electricity,milk,fruit.dry fruit,wheat,rice,pulses,tea,sugar,spices,cloths,etc,…..etc., are going up to iternational level.Over of the all, the prices of property has gone upto international level and continuously going higher ,out of range.While salary and income of other than government employees is not going up to that an international level.Why it is happening in India?
Pls. give serious answers. no comic answers needed.
People are also looted by governmental taxes.People are giving very huge amount as taxes.
Even Toll on highway roads is charged very high.

career as a patenting lawyer in India?

am a graduate with a double major in Life sciences , Biochemistry and I have a diploma in Biotechnology, I wish to do Law and then certificate course in intellectual property rights ( to become a patenting lawyer) ,what are my job prospects? what be the nature of the job?What would be my expected salary? Someone please help?