how to increase bank OD without extending registered mortgage?

i am having OD account with a nationalised bank. the account is standard and i am considered as a VIP customer by the bank, but my OD is secured by a registered mortgage of my relative’s property and i do not have any landed property of my own. i do not want to approach my relative again for extension of the RM. is there any way to increase bank OD without extending RM appropriately?

Can a life insurance company increase rate of premium arbitrarily during policy period?

Suppose I take term insurance (for life cover) for 25 years from some company since I find they charge lowest premium. Can it happen that the company hikes the premium rate arbitrarily after 5 years, to such an extent that I find the rate is more than the premium rate of some other company I ignored earlier. Is it better to stick to public sector insurance companies or are they as good as private sector companies?
Thanks for the reply. However I am more interested in the current situation in India.

Invest assure TATA-AIG – Equity?

I have invested in Invest assure TATA-AIG Rs. 120000 5 years back. I hope there is no scope for increase in this investment. So I would like to close this and invest some where else. Please suggest is this good idea. Thanks in Advance.

What are the pension benefits under the 5th pay commission report?

I have retired as anunder Under Secretary to the Govt. of Karnataka 23 years back.The pension I receive today is not commensurate with the high cost of living and with the high inflationary trends today.An increase in my pension will help me a lot to meet and set off the high costs and help me to have a good living.I therefore look forward for some relief from this report.