How and where to include petrol expense?

Pls help me how to compute the income tax .
It will be helpful if some one can show me steps to calculate tax

Following are the details
Sex: Woman
Salary 3.6 lacs/annum
8000 LIC
10000 -reliance insurance
8000 -pf
6000 -medical bills
Petrol bills – 10,000

1 ) Under what section pertol expence are included and upto what amount I can submit the bills ?

What should be ideal portfolio to include all asset kinds ?

I have Rs3,00,000 to be invested for financial year 2010-11 which is amount after deducting all of my liabilities. I have decided to invest Rs 1.56,000 in real estate per annum. What other assets financial instruments shoukd I include in my portfolio to create a best portfolio. What percentage of equity and non equity assets should consititure my portfolio. ?