In case of non-receipt of Superannuation pension through LIC, whom to approach. K Viswaprasad?

I was a member of Electrolux Superannuation Fund Trust, Delhi. I had resigned and opted for pension benefit. LIC has sent me pension in the year 2005 and 2006 Jan/Feb. However this year I have not yet received. Now that I am at Hyderabad, and the Electrolux was acquisition by Videocon, could you please guide me whom should I approach in LIC Delhi. I am only having LIC ID No.1087. Is it possible to transfer my file from Delhi LIC to Hyderabad LIC. Request please give guidance as this is an on going issue throughout and once the member is no more, it will also be difficult to delath by the nominee.

What is the tax payable at a restaurant in hyderabad.?

I went to a restaurant in Hyderabad today. When they presented the bill, it had a service tax charge of 10%, and on top of that, a VAT of 14.5%. this seemed very weird and looks like a rip off. I asked the manager and he mumbled an unsatisfactory response. can someone please clarify.
thank you

After MBA; Should I join as Clerk in SBI Hyderabad?

I am MBA Marketing working in Marketing Department of a Company at Mumbai;
My current sallary is about 20000/-
I got an order of selection in SBI as Clerk,
Please guide me to take decision.
Should I join as Clerk?
What will be the future as Clerk in SBI?
What are the Promotional Policies of SBH(SBI)?
Please help.
Thanks in advance