Can my husband avail home loan when i own the land?


I am married and own a piece of land in my name. We wish to build our own house but only when we avail a bank loan. I am employed in a small private concern which does not have a strong background But my husband works for an MNC and eligible for getting loan. Will we be able to avail loan or should i change the property to the name of my husband to get the home loan? Need help.

Housing Loan Interest exemption in the name of spouse (house wife) and instalment paid by husband?

Property in the name of housewife. Can the Husband get deductions for housing loan interest?

I have taken housing loan from a bank, myself being an applicant and my wife is a co-applicant. She is housewife. She has no income. While, at the time of Registration of my flat, it was registered in the name of my wife. The repayment of housing loan instament is being paid by me from my own income. Can I claim housing loan intrests benefits, as per income tax benefit?

My husband is doing job in Dubai.I am housewife in India.How can I show my source of income to file tax return?

My husband is doing job in Dubai.He is sending money to my savings account from Dubai.I have done some fixed deposits in post office and some banks.If I have to file my tax return ,how can I show my source of income.My source is from dubai to my savings account.Which documents do I have to provide to show my source of income.Please help me out.