Indian Any bank's Creadit Card for Oversea India ?

I want to have Creadit Card from Anyone Indian Banks from HDFC , HSBC , City Bank , ICICI .
I am from Bhavnagar (Gujarat) & now in China as working .
So I get salary in China & often have trip to India on business so please can anyone help me to have ccreadit card?
My Parents are still in Gujarat.

Thanks in advance for support.

HSBC Fixed Deposits, Explain?

I’m really new to banks and even more new to Fixed deposits. HSBC support doesn’t seem to want to help me understand. Alright consider the following rates:

They say I’m credited interest every quarter. However my question is how much?

From the interest chart it seems to be much more profitable to make shorter term deposits. Than the year ones. For example from my understanding:

1) I deposit 25,000 INR for 365 days, the interest is 4.25% i.e. 1062.5 INR. So if I divide 1062.5 by four quarters then I think I get around 265.63 INR per quarter.

2) On the other hand if I deposit 25,000 INR for 30 days, the interest is 2.90% i.e. 725 INR. Multiplying that by three months for the quarter then I think I get around 2175 INR per quarter.

However, the second scenario is so unrealistic. How how does it work, really? Thanks in advance. 🙂

Better domestic bank in context of NRI services: SBI vs PNB vs Axis vs other?

On searching many sites for precise answers, I’m looking for answer on which domestic bank is better in offering NRI services – core banking, loans, and online money transfers.

To put into context, I currently use Citibank and HSBC. While I don’t often use their services, whenever I’ve used their online and phone services, both banks have been satisfying. I’m now looking for a domestic bank for NRE accounts so that I can invest in domestic mutual funds and also go the PIS way. I do realize that public sector banks are cumbersome, require patience and still have room to improve on customer services and business processes.

Will appreciate feedback from people who currently bank with SBI, PNB, Axis, HDFC etc and what do u find most satisfying with the your bank, so I can do further analysis