Best housing projects to invest in Delhi/NCR?

I would like to invest in real estate in Noida, Greater Noida or Gurgaon or any other area in Delhi NCR like faridabad or other areas in Delhi. I would be grateful for your advice, what are the good projects where I can invest. I would like to invest for a long term, may be for a period of 5 to 7 years. Any property is fine, whether it is a 2 room flat, 3 room flat, Plot, as long as the project is good and have to potential to grown. Thanks for all your help in advance.


Please intimate what is the legal position on the aforesaid matter.
1.A property (house) is in joint name (two brothers) and took joint housing loan. Thereafter, a written partition was made on the property (house). 1st applicant is agreed to pay the loan 1/2 of the instalment. Whereas the 2nd applicant is not paying the loan. The bank tried to deduct whole amount from the 1st applicant only. Please advice, what action may be taken by the 1st applicant to secure his portion in the house. The bank told that they will attach whole property.