How the govt take interest in public dealing for betterment of the people in India.?

According to me govt rep i.e.MLA says do the theft and give it to us for our survival As most of them are illetrates and thinks that MLA must come in assembly who has a power to speak lie Our ministers are taking money for questioning.Also the promters of compay do not pay salary to the labours as well staff & officer.They do not deposit Provident fund and no officers are taking action against them and survived with political MLA support They make loss to govt, by not paying taxes in time, but they survived even income and sales tax raids, As court has no time for the legal minded people, industialist takes benifits of that for the survival of own.Always an Industrial chairperson/directors are cheating the custoumers and public.Even Bankers,Ifci, ICICI managers are not taking interest to recover their dues from them and getting money on bribe. Even Govt gives relief to that Industries by giving releif of BIFR, after geting bribe from the chairprson including all.can u think in this?way